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Make a change now with the Core Themes Career Counseling Program

We utilize a unique four-phase methodology to help you discover your true passion and purpose to find your dream job!

Are you among the 70%+ of Americans who feel disengaged at work?
Do you find yourself wondering how you wound up in the career you’re in?
Are you stressed, tired, or irritable?

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At Core Themes, we help people find their dream jobs using a proven career development program so they can wake up every day excited to go to work and live out their dreams.

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Unlock Your True
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"I love how Core Themes takes each individual seriously. I love how it goes deep to help clients discover for themselves – and take responsibility for – how they are uniquely shaped, and how they can live out of that place with integrity."

"This is not about finding the next paycheck. Core Themes is about real, genuine, personal transformation that can last a lifetime. My hope is that through Core Themes, I can help many others find their true path."
- Will T.

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