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Core Themes has the expertise and experience to guide you to your most rewarding and meaningful career. We help you cultivate a clear and deep understanding of who you are at your core, so you can move past obstacles.

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What is
Core Themes?

We believe there are three key principles to achieving happiness and success in your career. You should:

  1. Love the projects and activities you perform during your workday
  2. Respect and enjoy the people in your workplace
  3. Believe in the mission, values, and products of your workplace

We’ve designed our comprehensive, in-depth methodology to help you find clarity and understanding so you can make informed and intentional decisions about your career direction. Our professional counselors take you deep below the surface and guide you past clutter to your true potential!

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Core Themes – those unique values, needs, and interests that define you personally and professionally.

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Four Phases of Core Themes

"You owe it to yourself to be relentless in finding the kind of work that is fulfilling and meaningful to you. Anything less and you are compromising your happiness." - Ray Inglesi

Our career development program, Core Themes, is not a career guidance seminar or career assessment test; it is a proven system that utilizes a unique four-phase methodology to help people of all ages and types find their true passion and purpose in their career and life. If you currently view work as a “means to an end” just to pay the bills, and you long for your work to have deeper meaning and purpose beyond “making a living,” then Core Themes is for you!

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Phase 1: Assess

Rigorous Evaluation - Building Your Foundation

Phase 1 consists of two critical building blocks that provide the foundation for identifying your Core Themes so that you can experience personal and career happiness and success.

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Phase 1: Assess

Phase 2: Think

Going Deeper - Exercises to Better Understand Yourself

In Phase 2, your career counselor will take you through a series of self-reflection exercises designed to have you reflect on what you value most in your life. These self-reflection exercises require you to seriously examine two of life’s most important questions.

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Phase 2: Think

Phase 3: Compose

With the Help of Our Career Guidance & Counseling, Discover Your Own Essential Core Themes

Phase 3 finds you ready to create the work plan outline of your list of Core Themes with the help of your career counselor. Generally, it takes several drafts to come up with your actual Core Themes. At this stage in your professional development plan, significant family members are brought into the process in order to get their input and commitment to your Core Themes.

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Phase 3: Compose

Phase 4: Seek

Discover the Career That Aligns with Your Core Themes

Finally, Phase 4 finds you ready to put your plan into action through networking, searching and seeking opportunities with folks in the fields (and beyond!) that align with your values and personality strengths.

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Phase 4: Seek

Unlock Your True
Potential and Purpose

"I love how Core Themes takes each individual seriously. I love how it goes deep to help clients discover for themselves – and take responsibility for – how they are uniquely shaped, and how they can live out of that place with integrity."

"This is not about finding the next paycheck. Core Themes is about real, genuine, personal transformation that can last a lifetime. My hope is that through Core Themes, I can help many others find their true path."
- Will T.

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