Phase 1: All About You

“Buckle up, we’re going in!” 

You Graphic

The key objective of Phase 1 is to help you know and understand yourself at a deeper level than you now do. Phase 1 consists of two critical building blocks that provide the foundation for identifying your Core Themes so that you can experience career happiness and satisfaction:  

“Your Story,” tells the story of you: a thorough and deep personal and professional history of each chapter of your life from birth to present. We discuss the primary people, events and situations that “shaped” the person you have become. We start at the beginning of where you were born, your early childhood years, family history, your education, young adulthood and beyond. We will learn of your positive and not so positive work experiences that provide valuable insights into possible career options.  

“Your Personal & Career DNA” is a comprehensive suite of 12 carefully selected assessments designed to examine you from seven critical perspectives. A thorough analysis and discussion of the assessment findings provide valuable insight into your key areas of strength and areas in need of development both personally and professionally.

Phase 1 Result: We now have a volume of data – both objective and subjective –  covering nearly every aspect of your life and career. “Your Story” has given us the “color” with which we can begin to frame your career path, while “Your Personal & Career (Psychological) DNA” has given us vast insight into your unique strengths and limitations. These building blocks, taken together, form the foundation for the career planning process that lies ahead. A detailed written report will be delivered and discussed before moving on to Phase 2.

Think – Self Reflection Exercises

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