What Makes Us Different

At Core Themes, we approach our work with you from a very simple, yet important “Core Philosophy:”

Since we are going to spend the better part of our life at this place we call “work” why not:

A.  Love what you do (or at least like it a lot!)

B.  Spend your work time with people you enjoy and get along with.

C.  Work for a company that you believe in.

Core Themes consultants are passionate about helping you discover your unique purpose and meaning in your life and career. It is our number one Core Theme!

Truly knowing yourself is key to creating a life and career that leads to a “purpose-driven life.” We take a holistic approach to looking at the entirety of you as a person. Our goal is to help you get to know yourself at a deeper level than you do now and we do this by starting at the beginning – YOU, from birth to the present.

Whereas many career coaches are only interested in your career history (basically, your resume) Core Themes reaches FAR back into your past to learn about your family history, interpersonal relationships, and educational experiences. This history serves as the foundational bedrock for our methodology and helps us contextualize the particularly important second aspect of Core Themes that separates us from the pack: our robust psychometric analysis.

Traditional Life Coaching
Your Unique & Essential List of “Core Themes”
Traditional Life Coaching
Comprehensive, Codified, Proven Four-Phase Methodology
Traditional Life Coaching
Extensive Suite of Psychometric Self-Assessments
Traditional Life Coaching
Deep Dive into your Personal / Professional History
Traditional Life Coaching
Job / Career History Analysis
Traditional Life Coaching
Reflective Reading and Deep Probing Writing Assignments
Traditional Life Coaching
Comprehensive Customized Client Report and Analysis
Traditional Life Coaching
Purposeful Career Transition Exploration and Discovery
Traditional Life Coaching
General Life Obstacles, Goals and Strategies
Traditional Life Coaching
Job Search Strategies
Traditional Life Coaching
Resume / Cover Letter LinkedIn Profile Writing
Traditional Life Coaching
Interview Preparation
Traditional Life Coaching
Offer Negotiation
Traditional Life Coaching
Financial Planning Guidance from our Affiliate Personal Finance Experts
Traditional Life Coaching
Flat Fee Pricing (includes 24/7 consultant support and periodic lifetime follow ups)
Traditional Life Coaching

Unlike any other career counseling program, you will complete a suite of 8-12 assessments designed to examine these critical categories:

  • Cognitive Abilities and Aptitudes
  • Psychology of Persuasion
  • Communication Style
  • Personal Profile (personality traits, temperament, attributes)
  • Motivational Profile
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal & Professional Values and Beliefs
  • Skills, Knowledge & Experience
  • Interests Profile

Using this data and your complete personal history, we then buckle up for a deep dive into exploring your unique purpose and meaning in life!

At the end of our four-phase program, each client walks away with a list of their Core Themes – those essential needs, values, and interests that are the pathway to finding true happiness, satisfaction, and success in your career and in life. Additionally, you will:

  • Know yourself more deeply than ever before
  • Get rid of the “clutter”​ that is keeping you “stuck”​ in an unsatisfying career
  • Gain the confidence and courage to choose happiness over unhappiness
  • Create a realistic plan and strategy to discover true happiness and success in your life and career

We have fine-tuned our program to work with clients no matter what their schedule is. Each Core Themes experience is different because every individual is unique unto themselves. Our consultants tailor your Core Themes experience to accommodate in person, video conferencing, or hybrid sessions.

Core Themes also boasts an extensive alumni network. After completing the program, you will join the ranks of hundreds of professionals from all walks of life who have found their life’s purpose through the Core Themes program. Utilizing this extensive, wide network you will have access to people who also know their Core Themes and can help you refine your job search or connect you to someone in their network who may have an opportunity worth pursuing.

Our Core Themes career consultants have expertise from the fields of psychology, human resources, education, and career counseling. With a wide and varied professional and educational background, you will be matched with the best consultant for your specific needs. Call us now to schedule a free, one-hour conversation. We are looking forward to hearing from you!