Additional Services

We recognize and respect the fact that some of you perusing our site may not be at a place of readiness to commit to the Core Themes process, or perhaps you simply require assistance with a specific aspect of your career situation. Many of our clients started out by requesting help on their resume or needed career guidance on how to best network to find that next exciting job.

Our professionals at Core Themes have devoted their life to helping people find real-life personal and professional happiness and fulfillment. For clients needing a serious career change or having to sort out their career direction, then our CT program is the service of choice. For others who are reasonably content in their career, but seeking greater satisfaction or needing guidance on how best to advance their career, then one or more of these additional services may be just the ticket!

Professional Assessment Package *Scaled down version of standard Core Themes assessments and 1-hour consultation with a professional consultant. Provides clients with a taste of the Core Themes style that includes a shorter assessment and consultation. Ideal for those not ready to commit to the full program itself.
Clearing the Clutter Package *Identify major pain points (clutter) through a pre-consultation assessment and 1-hour consultation with a Core Themes consultant.  A brief assessment followed by the identification of clutter and the development of a strategy to effectively handle it. Provides potential full-package clients with the ability to see the value of the later CT phases.
LinkedIn Profile Enhancement A brief assessment and realignment of LinkedIn profile.
Resume Enhancement Includes a full review and modification of current resume.
Cover Letter WritingIncludes complete cover letter creation.
Marketing YOU PackageIncludes all the services listed above at a discount.

Interested in one of these services? Give us a call at 1-866-353-3523 or fill out the form below to get started.