Additional Services

Professional Assessment Package *Scaled down version of standard Core Themes assessments and 1-hour consultation with a professional consultant. Provides clients with a taste of the Core Themes style that includes a shorter assessment and consultation. Ideal for those not ready to commit to the full program itself.
Clearing the Clutter Package *Identify major pain points (clutter) through a pre-consultation assessment and 1-hour consultation with a Core Themes consultant.  A brief assessment followed by the identification of clutter and the development of a strategy to effectively handle it. Provides potential full-package clients with the ability to see the value of the later CT phases.
LinkedIn Profile Enhancement A brief assessment and realignment of LinkedIn profile.
Resume Enhancement Includes a full review and modification of current resume.
Cover Letter WritingIncludes complete cover letter creation.
Marketing YOU PackageIncludes all the services listed above at a discount.