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Customized Career Change Counseling

The Core Themes process is a four-phase methodology. Each phase builds upon the previous one resulting in the client discovering his or her own unique Core Themes with the ultimate goal of developing a realistic plan and strategy to live their Core Themes. The relationship with our consultants doesn’t end when Phase Four is completed. As you explore your new or revised career path, we will have regular check-ins. These check-ins are very important as they provide your consultant with your progress and help keep you focused and motivated. We have many CT graduates who are in regular contact with us as they have progressed through their careers and life.

Your Core Themes are for life and they don’t change. What can change is the priority of your Core Themes and how you manifest them as you mature and respond to the various career and life challenges.

What can you expect as you take the Core Themes journey?

First and foremost, your Core Themes journey is of the utmost priority for your consultant. You will experience the highest level of confidentiality, expertise and “being in the moment” with you from your consultant. Your consultant’s attentiveness to you is a key ingredient to having a successful outcome!

Phase 1

Phase One has two “building blocks.” The “Getting To Know You” piece is all about listening to and recording your story from the very beginning to the present. It starts with asking you who was there when you entered this planet, your family makeup, Mom & Dad or whoever raised you is discussed in detail. And then, we take you through each chapter of your life: from birth to when you formally entered school, the K-8 grade chapter, high school, post-high school and early adult years and through your professional career to the present. Along the way, we will learn of the “shaping” factors that have greatly influenced how you have become the person that you are. What shaped your values, beliefs, morals, and view of the world.

Building Blocks

Depending on your age and life experiences, this first building block may take from two to four hours and from one to three sessions. Generally, young clients have a lot less history than a middle-aged person. When completed, we now have your unique history and have learned of the many “shaping” factors that define you. Having this very detailed history provides your consultant with insights and knowledge that is vital as the consultant walks you through your CT journey.

The second building block involves completing a suite of assessments that result in valuable empirical data. As a result of the combination of your subjective history and the empirical data, we now have a wealth of information about you that forms the foundation for moving through the next three phases.


There are from nine to 12 assessments and will involve about six to eight hours to complete. These assessments examine your cognitive abilities, personal profile (temperament, attributes, traits), motivational profile (underlying needs), communication style, interests, emotional intelligence, knowledge, skills etc. Additional assessments may be added as appropriate. An example might be the Hogan Leadership Survey. Once completed, you will meet with your consultant to examine each of the assessments in detail.

Your consultant will work with you to understand a detailed written report of the key findings from your history and the assessments.

Phase 2

Phase Two involves some writing, selective readings and watching a movie or two. As you complete each of the homework assignments, you will meet with your consultant to examine and discuss what insights you have gained from the specific assignment. For example, your response to the two very important questions may take an hour or two to carefully examine and understand as it relates to your life and career. You will spend approximately six to eight hours of your own time completing the homework and another four to six hours with your consultant.

At the conclusion of Phase Two, you will have even deeper insights and knowledge of what are the things that are most important to you as you enter Phase Three

Phase 3

Phase Three takes approximately several hours over two-three meetings. Based on what you have learned from Phases One & Two, you will be asked to create your first draft of your Core Themes. Usually, it takes several drafts to get the finished product. Once we are satisfied that your list is complete, you will be asked to prioritize the Core Themes list, based on a set of key questions that aid you in the ranking of each Core Theme.

Once your Core Themes are set, you will be asked to invite one or more of your closest loved ones to join in a meeting with your consultant. In this meeting, you will review your Core Themes and ask for that person’s feedback. Up till now, your loved one was not privy to your Core Themes list because the creation of your unique Core Themes should be free of any outside influence

Phase 4

Phase Four is what we refer to as the “exploratory phase” and for our clients is an exciting phase as they go forward with their Core Themes and acquired knowledge and skills to explore the possibilities.

This phase requires you to complete a practical exercise that describes your skills, knowledge, values, abilities, motives and interests. Coupled with your Core Themes, you are now prepared to create a career plan and the actionable steps to execute your plan. Depending on your goals and objectives, you may discuss with the consultant such things as developing a resume, cover letter, how to conduct a successful networking campaign, learning effective interviewing techniques, etc.

This phase may take two to four hours of meeting with the consultant and several hours of your own time.

Available Sessions Formats

All of the sessions with the consultant are in a private office or video meetings (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or Google Meet). Phone and email are used frequently between meetings. Your consultant is available 24/7 except for special holidays.

“Happiness is the aim of life, but virtue is the foundation of happiness.”
Thomas Jefferson