How will I know that Core Themes is working for me?
As you begin the Core Themes journey, you will notice clarity in how you approach decisions about your life and career. Your “mental clutter” will start to subside, and all of life’s possibilities – your chance at increased success and happiness – will come into focus. The dramatic changes in our clients’ careers and lives as a result of experiencing the Core Themes program is living proof that the methodology works!
Can I contact former Core Themes clients to discuss the Program?
We would be happy to put you in touch with several of our Core Themes graduates from all walks of life.
How long does it take to complete the Program?

Generally, we have found that it takes about 20-25 hours of actual counseling time (not including outside assignments such as testing, writing exercises, etc.). Of course, the time varies depending on the individual. Some clients’ clutter is more complex or serious than others’. As an example, younger clients can usually get through the program in a shorter period of time (they have less history and typically less “baggage”).

Our counselors are happy to tailor a custom schedule that works for your individual needs which can include meeting in person, on the telephone, or via a video conference like Zoom or FaceTime!

How does Core Themes differ from other career counseling services?

Unlike most other career counseling services, Core Themes offers a proven Four-Phase methodology developed by our founder based on 35 years of clinical and corporate consulting experiences. The methodology is grounded in empirical data garnered from 10-12 assessments and a thorough personal/professional history from birth to present. Each phase is designed to help you along on this deep dive of understanding YOU.

Is Core Themes a standardized or customized experience?

At Core Themes, we understand that your life is busy and full of other obligations on your time. Since every Core Themes client is unique, our service is always a customized and personal experience that can be completed over the course of several weeks or months and through a variety of in-person, video conference, or hybrid sessions. The typical client should plan to invest 30-40 hours to complete all four phases.

What take home tools will I get from Core Themes?

After completing Phase 1, you will have a deeper understanding of your personal and professional profile and a detailed Professional Report that captures the key findings and insights from your assessments and personal/professional history to include key areas of strength and areas for personal/professional development.

At the conclusion of Phase 3, you will have your Core Themes-those unique values, interests and needs that define you personally and professionally.

At the conclusion of Phase 4, you will have a practical career plan to actualize and live your Core Themes coupled with a document of your actual marketable skills and talents. Other career-related materials, such as fine-tuning your resume to reflect your Core Themes, interview skills, and access to networking events are also a part of the long-term Phase 4 work.

Can I have an introductory meeting before I sign up for the program?

Every prospective client has an initial conversation via phone, video conference, or in-person. This is critical and mandatory to assure both you and the consultant that you are an ideal candidate for the Core Themes program.

How will I be matched up with a career counselor?

Based on the thorough introductory meeting, you will be matched with the Career Consultant who identifies most with your needs. Some common factors include:

  • Age & Education
  • Status-college level or recent graduate, young or mid-level professional, more senior professional, retired professional
  • Client’s professional history and current career
  • Previous career counseling experience of the client
  • Sense of urgency or not
  • Client having a preference for a particular counselor
How much does the Core Themes program cost?

We understand that cost is always a consideration when undertaking a program that offers a serious, deep dive into your life and career. The Core Themes program includes 10-12 psychometric assessments, one-on-one face time with our highly trained counselors, and access to the Core Themes Alumni Network as well as assistance with resume building, interviewing skills, and other very practical, “real world” support as you engage with Phase 4.

You will learn more about the cost of Core Themes, as well as some payment options, in your free initial conversation with one of our Core Themes consultants.

Can I contact a former Core Themes client to discuss the program?

Of course! We have a very robust alumni network made up of hundreds of professionals from all fields, retirees, and recent college graduates who would love to talk with you about their Core Themes experience. Please fill out our contact form found *here* and one of our consultants will be able to connect you.

Who are the professionals who make up the Core Themes team?

Please visit our Get to Know Us page to learn more about the world-class professionals who make up our team!

Are there specific Core Themes programs customized for where exactly I am in my life and career?

Since every Core Themes client is a unique individual, we tailor our methodology to account for your exact needs. We have helped early, mid, and late-career professionals find their purpose; college students fine-tune their interests and potential career paths; and retirees figure out what to do with all their newfound time!

Our team is currently developing a program closely aligned with the specific needs of undergraduate college students which can be completed as part of their undergraduate course of study. Stay tuned!

I am a psychologist, life coach, HR professional or career counselor. Is there an opportunity for me to learn more about working Core Themes into my practice?

Yes! We have an affiliate licensing program that will train you on how to become a Core Themes counselor. Our sales team will help you develop a specific business plan for marketing Core Themes to your current or prospective clients and enhance not only their personal and professional growth but the success of your practice!