Why Changing Careers is So Hard

Changing careers can be one of the hardest and more stressful decisions in anyone’s life. For many people, just considering a new career path can be intimidating. Uncertainty and hesitancy are often accompanied by a fear of making the wrong choice, one that could lead to regret. Yet, too many remain in careers that make them miserable and, subsequently, so is their life. They may forget, overlook, or even fail to make the connection—one’s “life’s work” is a big part of one’s “life.” In essence, your career can greatly affect not only who you are, but your overall mood.  

Still, even when people know that their career is tearing their life apart and desperate for a change they continue to erect false roadblocks. Not enough time or experience, lack of confidence, unsure of what career they really want, it’s too late for me, and financial security is a common excuse for not changing careers. False roadblock syndrome focuses on why a career change will not work rather than why it can. People shoot down suggestions, assume they will have to take a pay cut rather than moving into a higher-paying career, worry about problems that do not exist or ones that can be easily overcome if they are willing to solve them. 

Excuses aside, many people are simply too busy with their work and get stuck in a place because they do not know how to get started changing a career. That first move does not have to be a big one. It can be as basic as identifying what it is you want or need to change. Is it the people you work with or for? Is it the company? Or is it the job? If the first two answers are, “Yes,” you may consider doing the same job elsewhere. You may only need a career shift instead of a complete career change. It could be that your path to fulfillment is the same job but with a different organization. 

However, if you answered, “Yes,” for the third question, then it is an obvious sign to change careers. Wanting more out of your life and career and not acting upon it can lead to frustration, misery, and unhappiness. It is time to move toward something you’ve always wanted to do or to find something that you are passionate about. Begin by developing a career change strategy, including such steps as setting goals, defining your objectives in writing, working on the resume, and aligning your existing skillsets with a new role. An important part of that strategy would be considering career change counseling. Changing careers does not have to be hard. Working with a career counselor can help you develop a career change strategy and help you transition to a new career and achieve career goals. 

Benefits of Working with a Career Change Counseling Firm

A career change is a process that requires planning and goal-setting from the very beginning. Far more than looking for another job, career change requires clarity and purpose. It will help you focus on the outcome and navigate a successful search. Career change counseling helps individuals move forward with their professional lives.  A counselor will assist you in developing strategies, offer guidance, and help you reach an ideal career decision. Initial consultations explore your professional history to help identify individual aptitudes, attributes, and interests. This information can provide counselors with meaningful context that serves as a gateway to help you achieve your goals. Further meetings can assess career values and skills, perform assessment exercises, review career interest inventories, and explore appropriate options.  

Being stuck in an unfulfilling career is frustrating enough, but eventually, it will lead to professional and personal misery. Even the most intelligent, capable person, much like yourself, can find the prospect of changing careers crippling. Moving forward is possible. Working with a reputable career change counseling firm can ease the transition of changing careers. Counselors provide expert career advice that can make a big difference in your career change strategy. Career change counseling can help you identify career interests with clarity and purpose, and provide the necessary assistance for you to achieve your career goals. If you feel stuck, the professionals at Core Themes might be able to help! Contact us today to learn about our proven methodology.