Why You Should Consider a Career Change Counselor

If you are uncertain or anxious about your career path, or if you’re simply at a crossroads, then career change counseling can help you move forward with your professional life. Embarking on a new career path or making a fresh start can be intimidating. It’s perfectly natural to have reservations, to be unsure or hesitant to make the move. The wrong choice could lead to regret. On the other hand, there is no need to waste years of your life doing a job that you have no interest in or worse, doesn’t align with your personal values. If you are unhappy with your job it can throw your work-life balance off-kilter, leaving you feeling unmotivated or even depressed, and lead to serious career burnout. 

One thing is certain, wanting more out of a career and doing nothing about it can lead to frustration and spending most of your time unhappy. By considering career change counseling, there is no need to be haunted by indecision or regret later in life. Career change counselors are professional counselors that help their clients transition to a new career and achieve their career goals. 

What is a Career Change Counselor?

Career change counselors develop strategies and provide guidance that allows individuals to make meaningful and ideal career decisions. Initial consultations explore the history of client work and identify individual aptitudes, attributes, and interests. Gathering such information is essential to assuring the most ideal outcome. Further meetings assess career values and skills to assist clients in identifying any obstacles hindering their progress. Clients may perform assessment exercises, review interest inventories, and investigate appropriate options. Then, envision a career path that establishes a happy integration between work and personal life. 

Selecting a Reputable Firm

Finding the right career change counselor to fit your needs is an important first step. Counselors may have their own practice or practice out of a career development firm. They will hold advanced professional degrees, commonly a master’s in counseling and counseling certifications, and specialize in career development programs that help people determine career paths that are meant for them. 

Finding a reputable firm begins with a few first steps. You will want to find someone whose expertise best aligns with the direction you see yourself going. Initial web searches can help you narrow it down to a handful of top-rated companies or practices. Read the online reviews. Check the credentials and the professional associations. Ask for referrals from friends, family, and colleagues. When you decide on a firm, find your comfort zone by calling, emailing or visiting in person. While in contact, request referrals of former clients.

Most firms or counselors will offer a free initial consultation. This can help you decide if the relationship will work. After all the due diligence, more than a counselor who simply relates to you, it’s important to find a counselor whose personality best suits and compliments your own. Having chemistry matters. Combine that with a realistic, knowledgeable approach to problem-solving, along with someone whose expertise matches your career aspirations, and you should be on your way. 

If you are uncertain or frustrated about your job, career path and goals; if you are ready to transition and expand into a newer, more meaningful career, then it’s in your best interest to consider what a career change counselor can offer you. Working with a career change counselor can help point you in the right direction, help you use your skillset to create new career experiences that lead to a fulfilling, happy life. 

The Core Themes Difference

If you’re ready to unlock your true potential purpose and passion our career coaching professionals can help. While many career coaches are only interested in your career history, Core Themes reaches FAR back into your past to learn about your family history, interpersonal relationships, and educational experiences. This serves as the foundation for our methodology and helps us contextualize the particularly important second aspect of Core Themes that separates us from the pack: our robust psychometric analysis. Contact us today to learn more and begin the path to true success and happiness!