As a Veteran of the military, while serving our great country, there was never any doubt about your mission and purpose. You served to protect our people and this great place we call America! Clear and simple! 

Regardless of what branch you served, you awakened each morning with a clear sense of purpose and direction. As you put on your uniform and readied yourself for the day’s work, there was no confusion as to your role and duties waiting for you.

Life has a way of not always cooperating with our best-laid plans. In my case, my Sergeant Major had failed to submit my extension documents which would have enabled me to finish my three-year commitment in the great state of Alaska. My plan was to attend the U. of Alaska to earn my degree in Wildlife Management and then begin my new career as a Wildlife Biologist in Alaska. Instead, I was transferred to Ft. Riley (Big Red One), Kansas. After serving three years in the Army, I returned to my hometown to my family and friends. 

Now, I had to find my new sense of purpose, as my life and military experiences lead me to a totally new direction and purpose. In place of my dream of being a Wildlife Biologist in the incredible state of Alaska, I enrolled at Assumption College and majored in Psychology. My newfound purpose and mission in life were now set on helping people. In the early years, that involved helping children and teenagers with emotional/behavioral problems. These past 35 years have been focused on helping professionals at all levels discover their true passion and purpose in their life and career!

The Core Themes Program

The primary purpose of this article is to offer you the opportunity to explore my very unique career guidance program that I developed to help people in transition. Specifically, to discover one’s true purpose and meaning in one’s life and career.

As you know, the rate of suicide among Veterans averages 22 per day. A staggering loss of our great men and women who faithfully served our country. A primary cause is due to Veterans being unable to find new purpose and meaning in their life and career. As any Veteran knows and has experienced, civilian life can be a difficult transition from the discipline, sense of purpose of the military and perhaps most importantly, the loss of their support system and fellow soldiers that shared their common vision and mission.

As one veteran reaching out to another, I hope you will take a few moments to examine the Core Themes career guidance program. Whether you are a recent Vet or have been out for years, I look forward to having a private and intimate conversation about how we might work together to help you discover your unique purpose in your life and career.

– Ray Inglesi, Core Themes Founder