College Students & Recent Graduates

College Students

As a college student, this is a very special time in your life. Your four years provide so many diverse opportunities for self-discovery. For many of you, it is the first time away from home and you now find yourself being responsible for nearly all of your decisions. An exciting time for some and intimidating for others. But clearly, a time to experience, investigate and learn.

 As you progress through your undergraduate program you are faced with important challenges and decisions concerning your choice of classes and your eventual major.

  • What should you choose as a major and what direction does your academic pursuit take?
  • Specifically, what courses should you choose and why?
  • Given your educational background, do you have a clear sense of the direction you want to take or are you still unsure and perhaps even confused?
  • If you have already made a decision to major or focus in a specific area academically, how did you come to that decision? 
  • What were some of the influences that led you to choose that particular major?
  • Was it your interest in the subject matter?  
  • Perhaps you were influenced by a particular professor or another person (s) in your life?
  • Did your intellectual abilities seem like a good match for the major? 
  • Maybe you always envisioned yourself studying a particular area academically? 
  • An interest in law and politics resulted in choosing pre-law or political science as a major.
  • Perhaps, you had been exposed to a family business growing up and that has influenced you to choose business administration or marketing as an academic focus.
  • You may be one of those individuals who always dreamed of a profession whereby you can really make a difference in people’s lives. So, you opted to take courses in sociology, or medicine or psychology?
  • The arts and media have always been an interest–so you chose a college that is known for its academic excellence in the performing arts. Now, as a junior do you think you have made the right decision? 
  • An analytical and logical person with a great aptitude for numbers, are considering a career in the technology field, engineering, accounting, financial or science?

The decisions you make at this time can have an impact for many years to come. Doesn’t it make sense to approach this period of your life knowing that you made the best decisions based on having a thorough knowledge of who you are and having clarity about your career options?

Benefits of the Core Themes Program:

  • You will come to know yourself more deeply and have a clear understanding of how you have been shaped and influenced.
  • Through a rigorous and comprehensive assessment process, you will know precisely your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The courses and subject matter that you choose will be based not solely on subjective data but extensive objective data. In other words, you will be more purposeful and intentional in your course selection.
  • The Core Themes Program provides a solid foundation for making your life and career decisions. You will no longer be confused or unsure about your career direction.

Recent Graduates

Reality has set in! Most of you have left the comfort of the academic environment to enter the real world. Some of you chose to continue with your studies-law school, MBA, doctorate degree etc. For those of you who have a great job and a satisfying career path-congratulations! 

You now realize more than ever, that even with a great education, you were never taught the necessary job search skills. So, how do you create the best resume, and how do you best present yourself in a job interview? And, how do you assess if the job and company are right for you? Unfortunately, many recent graduates make their choice based on compensation and benefits and do not consider other important factors such as the culture of the company, opportunities to advance and the type of colleagues they are best aligned with.

And of course, the Pandemic has thrown a serious curve into your career aspirations as you try to sort out your career direction. 

Which category do you fall under?

  • You are unemployed or under-employed.
  • You chose to attend Graduate school but now wondering if this was the best decision.
  • You are in a position that isn’t a good match for your skills, abilities and interests. But, it’s a paycheck and you have good benefits.
  • You jumped at the first opportunity but now find yourself in a company that doesn’t provide you with a career path. And, you feel stuck!
  • You worked hard for your degree but now three years after graduation, you are dissatisfied with how much you are making.
  • You find yourself not believing in your company and or having little interest in their core services or products.

For those of you still struggling with trying to figure out that part of your life we call “work, ” this is a difficult period and a challenging transition from all you’ve really known–school and studies to discovering what you want to do for your life’s work.

Perhaps, you are a bit disillusioned having spent four years at a good college or university where you worked hard to earn your bachelor’s degree, only to find yourself floundering and unfocused with respect to your career direction.

Benefits of the Core Themes Program:

  • You will know precisely your primary strengths and limitations as compared to other young professionals with whom you are competing for jobs.
  • You will come away with a clear understanding of your career options.
  • You will develop a well-thought-out career plan and strategy to achieve your career/life goals.

You will discover your unique Core Themes and learn how your Core Themes will “guide” you throughout your life and career. No longer will you be confused or unsure of your career direction. You will know why you chose a certain profession and the reasons your profession is compatible with your values, needs and interests. Learn more about our unique four-phase methodology or contact us today!

– Ray Inglesi, Core Themes Founder