Will Truesdell's Story

Will Truesdell

I was first introduced to Core Themes through a conversation with my friend Tom.  We were at a coffee shop, catching up with each other, when I began to share about some recent frustrations around my current job in ministry, and some of my general anxiety when I thought about my future.  Tom said, “I think you need to meet my friend Ray Inglesi.”  I am glad I did.

When I learned about Core Themes with Ray, it resonated with me on two levels.  First, I wanted to find greater clarity about my own vocational direction, and I thought Core Themes seemed perfect for that.  Second, I sensed that Core Themes could be part of my future vocation in helping others along their life journey.  I decided to be trained by Ray as I experienced the Core Themes program.  I am now a Core Themes counselor.

I love how Core Themes takes each individual seriously.  I love how it goes deep to help clients discover for themselves – and take responsibility for – how they are uniquely shaped, and how they can live out of that place with integrity.  This is not about finding the next paycheck.  Core Themes is about real, genuine, personal transformation that can last a lifetime.  My hope is that through Core Themes, I can help many others find their true path.