Core Themes

Marie Sola's Story

Marie Sola

Going through the Core Themes program with Ray was the catalyst that galvanized my new life and has opened-up a career path that I used to dream about (you know – the “I’ll do it someday” career/life).

Well, because of Ray and Core Themes my someday really is happening. And, it’s been one hell of a journey.

I remember going through the program and getting to the end of Phase 3. Ray looked at me and said, “Marie, I’ve brought you to this point, but now it’s up to you, you have to be willing to jump”. So, I jumped, and I haven’t looked back. This has been the most scarily amazing thing I have ever done, and I thank my lucky stars and Ray every day for leading me to this point.

This isn’t easy, you must be willing to open your mind, let go of some old beliefs, and trust that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Add that to the Core Themes program, and you are going to create something you may not even be aware is inside of you waiting to come out.

Go for it!