Marie Sola's Story

Marie Sola

Going through the Core Themes program with Ray was the catalyst that galvanized my new life and opened up a career path I used to dream about (you know – the “I’ll do it someday” career/life).

Well, because of Ray and Core Themes my someday really is happening. And it has been one hell of a journey.

I remember going through the program and getting to the end of Phase 3. Ray looked at me and said, “Marie, I’ve brought you to this point, but now it’s up to you, you have to be willing to jump”.   I jumped, and I haven’t looked back. This has been the most scarily amazing thing I’ve ever done, and I thank my lucky stars and Ray every day for leading me to this point.

One of my top core themes is autonomy.  As I worked through the exploration of Phase 4, it became clear that I wanted to work for myself and incorporate my other core themes of giving back and creativity.  I realized all the work I had done in the past had led me to this point.  I simply couldn’t see it when I was amid busy jobs with little work-life balance or time to reflect.  When I took the leap, it was as if time slowed down and everything made sense.

 I decided to call on my breadth of experiences, and my love of content creation and storytelling to start Daughters of Change– a content driven platform and hub for the women and girls changing the world and the people and organizations who support them.  

Daughters of Change has a mission of:

  • Telling the stories of the women and girls who are leading and changing the world – each in their own unique way.
  • Connecting and supporting these women and girls.
  • Inspiring others to take action and set an example for future generations.

This isn’t easy, you must be willing to open your mind, let go of some old beliefs, and trust that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Add that to the Core Themes program, and you are going to create opportunities you may not be aware of. 

 For me, it was Daughters of Change.  I no longer have the golden handcuffs or the feeling that I am working for someone else’s dream and/or wallet.  Each day I am excited to get to work and know that I am doing exactly what I’m meant to.  I never felt that way about work in the past.  It was always something I did as a means to an end.  Now – my work is part of who I am and how I live my life. Truthfully, it also hits another core theme of mine I didn’t write down until after I completed the program.  That core theme/mantra is to have no regrets for not having tried when I meet my maker.  It doesn’t get much better than that!