Deb Schuler's Story

Deb Schuler

After more than 20 years as a learning and development professional working for large, global organizations, I began feeling increasingly less fulfilled in my work and knew I needed to make a change. My company offered me the opportunity to experience the Core Themes program and, while I expected it would help me to find that next career opportunity, the outcome was a total game-changer.

I was surprised by the depth of each of the four phases of the methodology and for me, it was the very first phase – Personal History – that immediately started to reawaken thoughts, experiences and ideas that had long been pushed to the back burner. As I continued to work through the process and achieve greater clarity about my true underlying values, needs and interests, I put my Core Themes into action by deciding to leave the corporate world and become an independent leadership development trainer, coach and consultant.

Today, as the owner of “ENSO Life by Design” and a certified Core Themes consultant, I love being able to share this process with others who are in search of greater meaning, fulfillment and joy from their work and personal life. Core Themes is not a quick fix, it requires time, discipline and commitment on both the client and the consultant, and I cannot think of a greater cause in which to invest than one’s own inner peace and happiness.