Core Themes Examples: Location

What it Means:

It means staying in the northern Rhode Island or southern Massachusetts area. It means having easy access to Providence or Boston within an hour’s drive. I also mean having access to the beach within an hour and the mountains within three hours.

Why This is Important to Me:

It’s important to me because I value the beauty of nature. I also like the abundance of cultural experiences that Boston and/or Providence. The cities offer sporting events, theaters, museums, restaurants that suburban and rural areas cannot. The ideal living area would be the suburbs.

Career Guidance Implications:

Position would only have to allow me the time to enjoy Boston, Providence or nature on my days off.

How Would I Feel if This Were Missing?

I would feel trapped. I need an easily accessible change of scenery in order to recharge my energy and transition away from my work responsibilities.

John H., Retail Executive and Core Themes Graduate