Core Themes Examples: Intellectually Challenging

What it Means:

The nature of problems or tasks is complex and requires significant thought and analysis. Answers are not simply yes or no, they require dissection of the problem and start with identifying what is needed on the most basic level. The solution(s) then expands upon all other issues that may occur during the process which will result in a multi-dimensional solution that eliminates as many problems and/or obstacles as possible. The resulting course of action would be progressive or evolutionary.

Why This is Important to Me:

I am bored by situations that require minimal thinking. I enjoy the process of breaking things down to identify potential root causes of issues. Furthermore, I like analyzing what potential situations may occur and creating solutions ahead of time to help ensure a smoother transition or course of action.

Career Guidance Implications:

I feel challenged by “you can’t do this/that situation.” I enjoy creating answers that help reduce friction or generally increase the acceptance of a particular course of action. I feel refreshed when I encounter situations that are new. Being able to help others by creating solutions that meet their needs/desires gives me a sense of satisfaction and self-worth.

How Would I Feel if This Were Missing?

I would feel unfulfilled and bored. I know my mind requires a good amount of stimulation. If it not being stimulated, it starts racing in order to meet stimulation requirements, it sometimes leads to unhealthy thought processes. I would feel as if I was stuck in a menial job that repeated itself day after day. I know this would slowly eat away my self-esteem, potentially leading to a depressive episode.

– Joan T. Retail Executive and Core Themes Graduate