Core Themes Examples: Integrity

What it Means:

Integrity in the workplace means the company is walking the talk. They are living and embracing their vision and mission statements. It means they are accepting and treating their employees with respect regardless of which position an employee may hold within the company. It also means the company is celebrating both individual and group accomplishments.

Why This is Important to Me:

This is important to me because I value respect. My basic belief is that everyone deserves respect regardless of individual, societal or company held position. For me, how an individual or company loses respect is they don’t follow the principles of which they speak. If you fail to live up to your words, what good are your words? Action must follow intent.

Career Guidance Implications:

If you fail to respect employees or follow your communicated principles it automatically creates a sense of distrust. Not many people can flourish or even work in a distrusting environment. It often creates situations where people are looking over their shoulders rather than the problem that is set before them. The environment becomes a source of agitation rather than a resources to be leaned upon.

How Would I Feel if This Were Missing?

I’ve encountered this in numerous positions within different companies. For me personally it creates agitation and friction. It drains me of energy and at times the desire to do my best. If the words and/or actions are hollow they provide little support or value.

– Scott R., Leadership Coach and Core Themes Graduate