Core Themes Examples: Independence

What it Means:

The ability to make decisions that are in the company’s best interest. The ability to act with minimal authorization or supervision. The ability to change my schedule or conform to a schedule that promotes a healthy work/life balance for me.

Why This is Important to Me:

I have a habit of pouring myself into work in order to satisfy the needs of the business. Being able to have a healthy work/life balance would be incredible.

Career Guidance Implications:

I would either need to work for myself or in a position where I had the autonomy to act in the best interest of the business without requiring the approval of others.

How Would I Feel if This Were Missing?

I would feel limited by my abilities to impact the company in a positive manner. I would feel as if the company was not accepting of the abilities that I do possess.

Jim W., Founder/Owner of Creative Retail Business and Core Themes Graduate