Finding Fulfillment in Life – Achieving Happiness & Success

Achieving success and happiness at work and home is key to finding fulfillment in life. It’s not an understatement that finding a fulfilling career can lead to fulfillment in your personal life (and vice versa). Finding your self-worth and happiness at home and in your professional life is something that can be achieved. Striking a balance between the two begins with you and knowing what you want. Then, setting specific goals, priorities, and adhering to them. 

Identifying what you want to achieve, and focusing on it, is an important first step to fulfillment. It can be challenging. Finding that focus may be one of the more difficult hurdles to overcome on the path to fulfillment. There is a sense of irony in it—from our earliest age, we are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Though it would seem we have a lifetime to decide, it’s a safe bet that very few among us fixate on achieving a goal we set for ourselves at eight years old. However, it is, in some ways, indicative of the elusiveness in focusing on a career path, let alone settling on one. As we grow into adulthood, there are simply too many choices, too much distraction, and seemingly not enough time. 

Nevertheless, your “life’s work” is very much a part of your “life” and can greatly affect not only who you are, but your overall mood. At some point after high school or college, many people are compelled to take that first job, mainly, because they have to pay the bills. They settle then, for less, rather than gravitating toward a career path that will bring fulfillment in their lives. It’s perfectly understandable—an income is necessary to survive. It doesn’t mean you have to settle in and co-exist with the job for years on end instead of going after what will bring you happiness: which brings me back to the original point—identifying what you want to achieve and attaining it. 

You must have clarity about specific goals and sync them with your priorities. Otherwise, directing time and effort on vaguely defined aspirations only serves to muddle the process and further undermine achieving your goals. Identifying what you want is a crucial first step in finding fulfillment—your career goals should align with and reflect your core values. Such clarity is essential to achieve career success and a happy, fulfilling personal life. On the way, it may take time to find clarity and focus. You quite literally have to put your mind to it. 

Defining Your Idea of Success

Once that specific goal is identified, there are a number of other steps on the path to fulfillment. For starters, your success should be measured and defined by you alone, not by others. Don’t concern yourself with the people who want to know more about “what you do” than “who you are.” Chances are they are only wanting to define success on their terms, not yours. Avoid petty jealousies. Your idea of success is yours to define. Chances are, if you are reading this, you’re seeking a more holistic work-life balance. One that does not exclude financial success but in fact derives it from creativity based on “who you are.” 

Suffice it to say, do not deviate from your goals. Once you identify what matters most it’s important to stay focused on it and be confident. This means being productive and making not simply the most with your time, but avoiding wasting it. People that achieve fulfillment have learned how to prioritize and be intentional with their time. Planning and scheduling out your day is a good way to avoid overwhelming yourself, but it’s also a good way to actually see what you’re doing with your time and when. Knowing how it fits into your week, and then month can help you manage your time and achieve your ideal lifestyle. 

Finding fulfillment in life is a goal that everyone can and should strive for. The pursuit of happiness and success, finding a work-life balance, begins with identifying what you want and staying focused on it. There is no need to be vague about what it is that makes you happy. It’s there, within your grasp, waiting for you to embrace it. Interested in learning more about finding fulfillment in life? At Core Themes, we have created a proven career development program that utilizes a unique four-phase methodology to help people discover their true passion and purpose.