Core Themes: Curing An Epidemic of Unhappiness

After ten years as a psychotherapist having worked in a community mental health center and then having my own private practice, I made an important transition in my life and career. I entered into a new phase in my life – consulting businesses around the country. No longer was I engaged in counseling distressed families, dysfunctional marriages, or troubled adolescents.

My new career exposed me to another world, one that I was not terribly familiar with but one that I found fascinating and challenging. I soon discovered that my years as a therapist proved to be an excellent foundation for working with the myriad of people issues within the business environment.

I knew from very early on that I wanted to help people and make a difference in people’s lives and subsequently earned my B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Assumption College in Massachusetts.

As I consulted with various businesses concerning such issues as team building, executive development, organizational development, change initiatives, talent management, etc, I was surprised to discover how many of those people I came into contact with were very unhappy in their profession.

Now, I was still fairly new to the business world and perhaps a bit naïve, but I was truly mystified why so many of these talented, well-paid and educated professionals were in such a state of discontent.

After all, from my perspective, they had it all!  Why weren’t they happy in a job that offered them status, a solid paycheck, a beautiful office, a well-established company, generous benefits, challenging work and professional colleagues?

Given my passion for helping people in distress, I set out to find a way to help these intelligent and successful professionals who were in a job and/or business environment that had long since lost any value to them.

“Core Themes: the essential values, needs and interests that define your life and career” was the result of my years of research and experience as President of Drake Inglesi Milardo Inc. This was the answer I was looking for to help people sort out their most challenging career and life issues.

I believe that each of us has the power of choice– the ability to choose life and a career that fulfills our basic desire to be happy and successful. Granted, this isn’t always easy even when you know what you want to do for your life’s work. But if you believe that you have the power to choose, wouldn’t you choose to be happy? Of course, you would.

Core Themes is a rigorous and comprehensive process that is predicated on the belief that knowing yourself at a deeper level results in having greater clarity concerning your personal and professional self, thereby giving you the power to make better and more informed decisions. It’s that simple!