Core Themes Examples: Change

What it Means:

It means that change is valued. Change isn’t to be done just for the sake of change. Change is an integral part of evolution and growth. It promotes the skill of adaptation which helps to ensure survival. It means I will grow as a person, regardless of the environment I may find myself in. Change can occur on many different levels: the nature of the problem, the person experiencing the problem, the location in which the problem may be happening, or why the problem may be happening.

Why This is Important to Me:

It means evolution and growth. It satisfies a need to keep learning. It keeps things from being mundane or commonplace. It is linked with the need to be intellectually challenged, interact with others and even physical location. If you fail to change or adapt you are stuck in the same situation, never moving forward, only falling behind. It also appeals to my need for achievement.

Career Guidance Implications:

It would mean growth, a constantly evolving skill set. A skill set that would prepare me for further challenges and different environments. It means that I would be able to teach or advise others, creating even more change.

How Would I Feel if This Were Missing?

I would feel stuck, trapped, unfulfilled and bored. I would feel limited in my skill set and experiences. Change creates mental stimulation by itself. Knowing that my mind requires stimulation, the change could only be beneficial. It would also be confirmation of my abilities to learn and adapt. This being said, it would allow me to feel a sense of achievement. It would contribute to my self-esteem in a positive manner.

– Nancy F., International Business Consultant and Core Themes Graduate