Big Changes This Season

Wow!  It’s been a very busy season filled with lots of changes – all good!  Core Themes continues to make a dramatic difference in helping many people who had become disillusioned with their careers find direction for their lives.  To date, we’ve worked with hundreds of people from all kinds of professions and all stages of life, young and “less young”.  It’s been gratifying to see the positive changes in so many in our mission to eradicate the epidemic of career unhappiness that exists in the world.

With that success comes growth.  My daughter Dr. Emily Inglesi, a clinical psychologist, has added Core Themes to her practice in Boston.  I’m also busy recruiting and training Core Themes associate consultants.  We now have Deb Schuler in New Hampshire, Lisa Anderson in Eugene, Oregon, Kelly Melsted in Tucson, Arizona, and in Portland, Maine, Will Truesdell and Dan Erickson. We’re bringing the program to other parts of the country as well to serve this huge need to find more fulfillment at work.

 Dan met me when he became a Core Themes client and the experience so completely changed his life that he decided to become a Core Themes consultant to do whatever he could to promote the program.

We have a brand new website that we hope will help us tell the Core Themes story more effectively, and over time we’ll be making more use of social media to reach people who could benefit from the program.  

Those folks are legion.  According to a recent Gallup State of the American Workplace Report, 70% of U.S. workers are either unhappy in their jobs or completely disengaged. If this “dis-ease” were like any other, we’d consider it an epidemic of monumental proportions! 

So we have plenty of work to do.  I hope you will read through the testimonials from folks who have gone through the program to see how it helped them achieve a more rewarding career – and in some cases, life! – and that if you know someone who could benefit from Core Themes you’ll encourage them to read about the program on the website and to get in touch.