Most people choose a career because it provides a good salary and benefits. This is not enough. You may think it wise to embark on a career without the benefit of career counseling. In reality, it's possible that you are lacking self-knowledge of your essential values, needs and interests. Without career advice or planning you might end up having a satisfying career, but it will be by accident. More likely, without the benefit of career planning you will reach a point in your work life where you find yourself adrift, listless and lost.

You are not alone

If you are one of those people who feel lost, you are not alone. According to a 2013 Gallup State of the American Workplace Report, 70% of U.S. workers are either unhappy in their jobs or completely disengaged. If this “dis-ease” were treated like any other, we’d consider this to be an epidemic of monumental proportions!

Core Themes addresses this "epidemic of workplace unhappiness” through a rigorous, four-step program designed to help you discover your essential values, needs and interests and then bring them in line with what you do for work every day. With the help of career development counselors at Core Themes, you won’t fall into a job accidentally - you choose a career with intention guided by self-knowledge. Just as you wouldn’t put a glove on your foot, career counselors at Core Themes help you recognize a career that fits.

Core Themes is more than career advice. It is a rigorous methodology, developed and honed over 30 years by expert human resources consultant Ray Inglesi. Over the years we have helped hundreds of people discover their own Core Themes and find more fulfilling, rewarding careers.

CORE THEMES Principles

Success & Happiness are the two major goals in life. To achieve Success & Happiness in one’s career and life the three principles listed below must be present in your career:

#1 Love what you do

Love what you do (or at least like what you do a lot), that is, the very functions of your work. If you are an elementary school teacher, then you best enjoy teaching basic education to children and tending to the children’s needs. If you run a retail store in the mall, then you must enjoy engaging with customers, being in a fast paced and changing job. If you are a civil engineer, then you should enjoy using sophisticated equipment and spending a great deal of time outdoors. If you are an underwriter at a bank, then you must enjoy living in a cubicle and crunching data to evaluate a prospective client’s worthiness for the loan, and having little interpersonal contact. So, whatever the basic, everyday functions are that you have to do, you best enjoy them.

#2 Get along

Get Along with and be in sync with your colleagues/co-workers as you spend more time with them then you do your family, friends and dog! If you do not share the same values, ideas and are not in agreement with each other, it makes for a long day. And that means you have to put out a great deal more energy just to get along. It’s easier to work with people where your values, beliefs, standards and behavior are compatible! In our personal life, we generally do not socialize with people we do not like or have little in common. In our job, we do not always have the choice of who is on our team or who we engage with on a regular basis.

#3 You must believe

You must believe in the company’s vision, mission and their products/services. It’s hard to show up at a company day in and day out and reflect the company’s products/services if you don’t trust the leadership or value the culture or their products/services. It’s not enough to just show up every day for the benefits and paycheck.

Bottom line—if any one of these three principles is out of sync, you are not going to be a “happy camper.” You will likely begin to experience stress which ultimately will impact your personal life and your job performance!

Success and Happiness is unique to each individual and very subjective.

While one person may feel successful and happy working in Wall Street, another may be miserable. The elementary school teacher teaching in a rural area making $35k a year may be extremely happy because she feels that she is making a real difference in children’s lives. Money and prestige of working in Wall Street would be an unhappy venue for her.

When a person is truly living their own unique Core Themes, everyone wins! They are happy and productive, their family benefits from their sense of happiness and the dog wagging his tail gets greeted by a happy person! And of course, don’t forget that the colleagues and customers of this person also benefit from their positive attitude and higher level of performance! Everyone wins!

Imagine being treated by a physician who no longer gets enjoyment from seeing patients or the attorney who is only working for the money? Or the nurse who is frustrated that she isn’t respected by her peers or the hospital management? The list goes on and on…

Once you have your unique Core Themes, those essential values, needs and interests that define you, you now have a clear guide to making informed and intentional career/life transitions forever!