Career Guidance

A unique 4-phase Career Guidance Program

Core Themes is a proven career self reflection program that utilizes a unique four phase methodology to help people of all ages and types find their true passion and purpose in their career and life.

A person's Core Themes are those essential values, needs and interests that define you personally and professionally.


Phase 2: Think - Self Reflection Exercises

Your counselor will take you through a series of self reflection exercises designed to have you reflect on what you value most in your life. These self reflection exercises require you to seriously examine two of life’s most important questions. The responses to these questions form the basis for discovering and defining your CoreThemes. During these self reflection exercises, your counselor will ask you to put aside your practical concerns and think about your life free of the everyday realities. In addition to the self reflection questions you will be assigned additional "homework" including several selected readings (The Alchemist & Man's Search For Meaning as examples) and a movie or two.

Time involved in Phase 2: Approximately three meetings lasting two hours each over a period of two weeks.

Result: The answers to the self reflection questions give us a body of data that points to your strongest beliefs, interests and values––what you want your life to count for when all is said and done!

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