Career Guidance

A unique 4-phase Career Guidance Program

Core Themes is a proven career development program that utilizes a unique four phase methodology to help people of all ages and types find their true passion and purpose in their career and life.

A person's Core Themes are those essential values, needs and interests that define you personally and professionally.


Phase 4: Seek

Knowing your CoreThemes doesn’t always immediately get you to where you want to go. You need a realistic plan, a sound strategy and the ability to execute if you expect to find true purpose and meaning in your life and career.

Time involved in Phase 4: Approximately two meetings lasting two hours each over a period of one to two weeks. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed to provide career guidance and direction and to evaluate your progress in carrying out your plan.

Result: A practical plan and strategy giving you confidence and direction to go forward to fulfill your CoreThemes.