Career Guidance

A unique 4-phase Career Guidance Program

Core Themes is a proven career development program that utilizes a unique four phase methodology to help people of all ages and types find their true passion and purpose in their career and life.

A person's Core Themes are those essential values, needs and interests that define you personally and professionally.


Phase 3: Compose

By now we've done an exhaustive examination of what you believe are the critical and important elements of your life. You have an objective assessment of your personality, abilities, interests, emotional intelligence, underlying needs and your acquired knowledge and experience. You are ready to create the first draft of your CoreThemes with the help of your career counselor. Generally, it takes several drafts to come up with your actual CoreThemes. At this stage, significant family members are brought into the process in order to get their input and commitment to your Core Themes.

Time involved in Phase 3: Approximately two to three meetings lasting two hours each over a period of two weeks.

Result: You now have your “unique roadmap” to guide you in making the best decisions in your life and career.

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