Key image for: Barry Kohler

All of us have times when we step back and reassess–-usually prompted by some event that, at the time, seems catastrophic. For me, it was the sudden and unpleasant break-up of a law partnership that led me to consider what it is I really wanted to do after 20 years of practicing law.

The CoreThemes® process helped me to clarify my strengths (and weaknesses) and more, to articulate those values that are important to me in my vocation–whatever it might be.

As the process unfolded, and a particular (entrepreneurial) direction became more clear, it was also helpful to be able to include my wife in a session or two. Her “buy in” to the economic uncertainties of the new path on which I was about to embark was critical to me.

And the opportunity for her to discuss her concerns with my new career direction was critical to her supporting the decision we ultimately reached.

Being a “grown up,” I did not have the luxury of a 20- or 30-something to take a “hit or miss” approach.

As a result of participating in the CoreThemes® process, I had more confidence from the outset that my new career move was a better alignment of my talents and values.

Even now, with the benefit of hindsight, there is no doubt to me and my family of the value of participating in the CoreThemes® process.