Interaction with others

What it means:

It means being social in nature and enjoying the presence of others. It would create a communal environment that embraces not only similarities, but differences of thought. Similar thought processes would create reassurance, but differing thought processes would create the need to step back and reanalysis of the issue from a different perspective. This reanalysis would create mental stimulation and possibly bonding between individuals.

Why this is important to me:

It would satisfy my need to interact with others. I enjoy debating or analyzing different thought processes. I generally enjoy in finding out why people think or act the way that they do. I find it creates the need to reevaluate myself and my own thoughts and actions. It also helps me learn about others and myself.

Career Guidance Implications:

It helps foster and environment of inclusion creating a community. Being able to celebrate or appreciate the difference of thoughts and/or cultures fulfills a constant need to educate myself. It helps me appreciate the personal growth process and see that my style of thinking may not always be the correct course of action.

How would I feel if this were missing?

I would feel isolated and unchallenged. The isolation could occur because of a lack of verbal communication with others. It also could occur because there is not shared vision or goal. I actually feel more comfortable in the presence of people who don’t necessarily share my thoughts because they also create a sense of challenge.