Key image for: Dr. Emily M. Inglesi
Emily is a licensed clinical psychologist with a diverse range of experiences working with adults and emerging adults. She specializes in working with clients around navigating life transitions, which can be both unsettling and exciting and often challenging.  She currently heads up the Core Themes office in Boston.
From career satisfaction to chronic and acute health issues to relationships, we all encounter transitions throughout our lives. Emily values collaborating with clients and developing ways to resolve issues related to transitions with more confidence and ease, with the goal of helping clients live a more valued life with decreased stress. 
Emily has extensive experience and interest in working with clients from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. Clients find that her therapeutic style incorporates warmth, humor, and compassion.
Typically, work motivates us by: 1. Work as a "means to an end"-to pay the bills 2. Work must have meaning and purpose beyond "making a living." If you chose #2 but no longer feel energized by your work, then Emily may be able to help you through the Core Themes methodology.

Before beginning her career as a psychologist, Emily was a journalist, photographer and editor, which allowed her to travel the world to learn and write about people and their traditions and stories. This part of her life has greatly influenced and enriched her work as therapist and has shaped her perspective of the therapeutic experience as a journey of self-discovery.