Discover Your Path to a Purpose-Driven Career


Work and Happiness:


The Good News

Yes, it is possible to love what you do for your life’s work and to experience true passion and satisfaction each and every day. Since you will probably be working during the better part of your waking hours for twenty-five to thirty-five years or more, doesn’t it make sense to invest in discovering what brings real meaning to your work? This book will help you identify your Core Themes—those unique and strongly held values, needs, and interests that define each of us personally and professionally.


Three Key Principles to Achieving Happiness and Success

• Love or at least like (a lot) the things you do in your work.

• Get along with and respect the people you work with every day.

• Believe in the company’s culture, mission, values, products, and services.

If you follow these key principles and use your Core Themes as a guide when choosing a career, you won’t have to search for happiness: It will find you!



• Learn how “clutter” is keeping you from finding true happiness and success.

• Identify your Core Themes— those unique and strongly held values, needs, and interests that define you personally and professionally—essential to finding the path to true passion in your life and career.

• Discover how to make the critical changes that will lead you to personal and professional satisfaction.

• Read the amazing stories of people just like you who have reached a greater sense of happiness and achievement through their work with Core Themes.


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