Becoming a Core Themes Affiliate

What is it?

Core Themes is a proven program that utilizes a unique methodology to help all ages and types find their “true passion and purpose in their career and life.”

“Core Themes—those essential values, needs and interests that define you personally and professionally.”

  • A comprehensive and intensive 5-day (3 evenings) training program where you will learn how to utilize the Core Themes methodology within the context of your primary business interests and clients
  • Complete business plan to maximize financial success when delivering the program.

Who is it for?

  • Executive coaches
  • Career consultants/counselors
  • Executive recruiters
  • Life coaches
  • Corporate coaches
  • HR Professionals
  • Psychologists/Licensed Social Workers/Clinical Therapists
  • Management Consultants
  • Organizational Management Consultants

What are the benefits to becoming a licensed Core Themes affiliate

You will learn a unique, “one of kind methodology” developed over a 17 year period and proven to be effective with people from all walks of life.

  • You become a more effective coach/consultant by establishing realistic data (based on objective results from over 13 tests, questionnaires and client’s history) about your client’s values, needs, interests, skills, abilities and personal traits.
  • You confidently build an action plan for your clients based on this data
  • You will develop a “roadmap” to true life/work fulfillment for your clients to follow and refer back to anytime in their lives when they feel something is not right.
  • You will develop a coaching program for your clients based on scientifically determined data rather than by gut intuition, thus adding a valuable level of credibility to your work.
  • You will deliver to your clients a prescribed 4-Phase program that generally takes about 20 hours of work with you (client will have about 12 hours of homework) and is delivered for a set price that the client knows in advance.
  • Your clients will appreciate knowing that the program is not open ended but, rather, has a defined time frame built in. At the same time the program is designed to be flexible and responsive to the client’s current situation and needs.
  • The Core Themes program is unique in that it takes the “whole” person into account. It does this by obtaining a comprehensive set of data about your client’s…
    • Motivational profile (underlying needs and motives)
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Personal and professional values
    • Personal profile
    • Interest profile
    • Abilities and aptitude profile
    • Skills, knowledge, & experience assessment
  • You can generally recover the cost of the licensing program within 3-5 clients (The number will depend upon your niche and geographic location)
  • You develop with your client a realistic plan and strategy based on the client’s Core Themes, their “roadmap” to a more fulfilled professional and personal life
  • Adds credibility and value to your service- commands higher fees.

What will be included in the training?

  • You will receive an intense 5 day (and 3 evenings) course preparing you to implement all four phases of the Core Themes methodology
  • You will experience first hand the Core Themes methodology and come away with your own unique Core Themes
  • You will learn how to:
    • Qualify Core Themes clients
    • Conduct the assessment and administer key tests
    • Interview to get client’s unique personal and professional history
    • Identify your client’s “clutter” and help manage or eliminate it
    • Help your client have“clarity” about their purpose and direction
    • Build your client’s personal & professional profile
    • Identify and evaluate client’s primary strengths and limitations
    • Administer and interpret key written exercises your client completes
    • Utilize various and critical resources (books, movies, articles)
    • Create with your client your client’s unique Core Themes
    • Develop a practical plan & strategy to actualize client’s Core Themes
    • Promote your service using our recommended business plan

What does the license include?

  • Rights to use the copyrighted Core Themes methodology
  • Access to the interpretation of the testing results by one of our qualified staff (including his/her consulting with you on your individual clients.)
  • Listing on the Core Themes website.
  • Referrals for potential clients in your area
  • Support services after completion of the training to answer questions that arise
  • Advertising and promotion of your business
  • Support materials such as brochures for you to distribute.

How do you get started?

For more information about licensing, contact:
Ray Inglesi MA

Stay Informed